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Do you offer a range of services and solutions?

Yes we do - our services and solutions are as diverse as our clients’ needs are.  Everything we do is tailored to meet your individual needs.

You may be a busy executive who needs to outsource the whole project. Or perhaps you want a DIY approach and just need to run it past someone else first. Or maybe you just want some independent advice and designs before meeting with your Pool Builders.

You can select from our:

- Start Up Solutions
- Premium Packages
- Project Management
- Consulting Services
- Research
- Obtaining & Analysing Quotes

Do you really “Plan to save us time & money”?

Yes we do! We spend our time researching and meeting with the Industry experts, for the best products, services and solutions so you don’t have to. We have negotiated pricing with our preferred suppliers, contractors and tradesmen so we pass the savings back to you.

We know what you need to know and streamline the whole process for you. You can’t buy peace of mind, but we can help you to plan for it!

Are you able to help us with our budget and arranging finance?

Yes we are!  We give you a guideline on what you can expect to pay for your pool construction and the various additional features.  We will help you understand what considerations will be included in your Pool Building contract and what might NOT be covered. We have professional partnerships with a number of lenders and would be more than happy to introduce them to you.

What do your clients say about your process?

They love it!  It has even been described as fun!!  We get the excitement and creativity flowing while taking the confusion and hassle out of the process. Our clients value our Industry knowledge; they don’t have 20 years experience in the Industry – but we do. 

I am an Owner/Builder for my pool project – how can you add value?

Even if you don’t need our design services, we can still add value by organising contractors, suppliers and tradesmen for you. We can give advice on the best equipment and plumbing solutions.  We “know what you need to know” especially when it comes to the all important rules, regulations and certification processes.

Do pool builders support your services?

Yes they do!  They understand our goal is to enhance the client experience by providing information and inspiration. They respect our 20 years in the Industry. 

How do Pool Builders benefit from your services?

The Pool Planner provides Pool Builders with clients who are confident and well informed. Clients are in agreement on the design, features, inclusions and costs of their pool. We help clients have a much better awareness and understanding of the process and their responsibilities throughout the project.

Do you get “kick-backs” from Pool Builders or your preferred suppliers?

No – that is not why we started our business. Our independence is our integrity. The only “kick” we get, is the thrill of knowing that our clients are being well looked after and in a much better position than if they hadn’t engaged our services.

Do you build pools?

No we don’t and we won’t – that’s why we work with the Industry Specialists – quality pool builders.

Will the Pool Builder do everything?

Some will – others won’t. Good news though - we can help with “the missing pieces”.  Not only will we design your pool, but we can assist with fencing, plumbing, paving electricians, etc.  Whatever it is, we will get the job done for you.

Do you do pool renovations?

Yes we do and we love it! There is nothing better than refreshing your outdoor living and lifestyle experience by sprucing up your pool and spa. We can retro-fit most pools with all of today’s gadgets which means we can make your pool look, feel and operate more efficiently and effectively.

Have we answered all of your questions?

If we haven’t click here to arrange for one of our team members to contact you.