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Online Advertising Terms and Conditions

By advertising your business with The Pool Planner you are required to read, agree and abide by the conditions set down on this page. Any failure to comply with any point below may cause your advertisement(s) to be removed from our site. These terms may change at any time. We will make every effort to inform you when these terms are updated or change. Please read these terms regularly.

Right to Reject Advertisement - All contents of advertisements are subject to The Pool Planner’s acceptance.

The Pool Planner reserves the right at any time, at its sole discretion, to:

- reject or cancel the Advertisement, order, space reservation or position commitment; or
- remove the Advertisement from the Website.

In addition, The Pool Planner shall have the absolute right without assigning any reason to reject any URL link embodied within the Advertisement.

The Pool Planner has complete authority to remove suppliers from the site for any reason whatsoever and may do this without warning or delay. If your business is removed from the site, then any previously paid moneys for advertising will be refunded for the equivalent amount of time that we have not yet provided advertising for.

If the supplier wishes to cease any advertising before the expiry date of their advertising there will be no refund provided.

Copyright - Due to the Copyright Act 1968 advertisers are advised that the inclusion in advertisements of material (photographs, illustrations and text) taken from any article published in a newspaper, magazine, internet site or similar publication is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the owner of the copyright or without the appropriate licenses.The Pool Planner - Any information provided to you (either an advertiser or not) by The Pool Planner may not be published or distributed to others.

Customer enquiries - Any enquiries and personal details you receive are provided so that you can introduce your services to customers. Contacting customers should happen only once, follow up communications should only happen if requested by the customer. You must not use this personal information for any other purpose including but not limited to compiling mailing lists and forwarding onto 3rd parties. Sharing this information with any other business or organisation is strictly forbidden. The Pool Planner cannot and will not guarantee the number of enquiries you will receive from The Pool Planner site.

Supplier Information - Information supplied by the advertiser and published on The Pool Planner site will remain the responsibility of that particular supplier. It is incumbent upon each supplier to ensure that the information that they provide is correct and true.Images / Photography - Images supplied to The Pool Planner for advertisements may be displayed within relevant sections of The Pool Planner site. By submitting images to The Pool Planner, you agree for The Pool Planner to use your images within the site. Advertisement Positioning - The positioning of any advertisements on The Pool Planner site are subject to change without notice. As we consistently upgrade the site, it is not always possible to constantly have advertising displayed in the exact same location on the site.

Limitation of Liability - The supplier and users of this site indemnifies The Pool Planner its officers and employees against any claims for damages suffered by any party arising out of that party’s use of the published information provided by the supplier, through The Pool Planner. The supplier releases The Pool Planner from liability for any loss or damage suffered by the supplier arising out of its use of published information. All suppliers should be ethical and professional in all dealings with customers referred from The Pool Planner.

A note from the editor: We pride ourselves on being EASY to do business with and we assure you of the best levels customer service possible. If you have any queries regarding our advertising or the above points please contact us for further explanations. We look forward to working with your business and wish you all the best with business.