Can I Convert to a Natural Pool?

The Pool Planner is always looking for innovative solutions that challenge our day to day thinking & enhance our swimming experience.  Natural Pools are gaining more attention & rightly so!  Whether you are building a new swimming pool, or renovating an existing one, gartenArt-Australia has everything you are looking for.    Here is an insight from the team at gartenArt-Australia:

Natural Pools are not just a trend anymore, they are the next step in man-made swimming facilities; they are simply healthier and more environmentally friendly than chemically treated pools.

In conventional pools we use chemicals such as chlorine in an attempt to control all potentially hazardous life forms that naturally inhabit water by simply attacking all life forms, hazardous and beneficial. For a long time this was the only means we knew to make pools safe.

Natural Pools work with the self purifying properties of water; the microscopic and macroscopic life forms that inhabit it. Here we attempt to achieve a natural balance of water that is found in clear rivers and glacial and mountain lakes; a moving, sparkling, oxygen rich, low nutrient and high mineral water.

Natural Pools are a prime example of how we can harness nature’s intelligence efficiently.

Our understanding of natural water has developed to such a degree that we now build Natural Pools in Germany that are visited by up to 6,000 people a day. These pools use very powerful filters and pool robots to maintain exceptionally high public hygiene standards.

With our most advanced technology existing pools can now be converted to natural, healthy freshwater pools with no chemicals. A new generation of powerful natural filters that work on a micro-biological basis create this miracle even without plants.

At the same time you can use almost all equipment that is used in conventional pools including sand filters, in-floor cleaners and heating systems.

Health and environmental benefits of Natural Pools

Swimming in natural water can provide real health benefits and the sheer joy of being in such water is one health factor. Children adore swimming in natural water. We warn you, it will be difficult to get them out of the pool!

For people with asthma or any form of lung illness the natural pool water is a great option to keep enjoying swimming.

Some people have skin problems and can’t use chemically treated water for this reason. Natural, soft water is usually no problem to your troubled skin and can even provide relief and healing.

Natural Pools are also the end of dried out, bleached skin and hair.

No stinging eyes anymore.

Safe water; you never need to empty your natural pool, simply top it up to balance water lost through evaporation.

No pool water containing chemicals will enter our sewage systems, soil, groundwater or rivers and seas: Its just natural water.


The cleanliness of Natural Pools simply depends on the type of pool you want and how powerful the filter technology is that you implement.

Water in our Natural Pools with microbiologically active filters is crystal clear all year round. It is of a very high quality by German hygienic and limnology standards and suitable for public usage.

In some cases there can be a temporary occurrence of filamentous algae which vanishes after a short time.

In more nature-like designs you naturally have more sedimentation, bio film and occasional algae and that is fine in a more natural environment and design. But even here you can invest in a stronger filtration and cleaning system and have a very clean pool.

Aesthetic benefits

If your Natural Pool has a planting area then you can also enjoy your pool as water garden all year round, experiencing the seasonal changes and the garden’s maturation over years; you will enjoy sitting by the water even if you don’t fancy a swim. Whatever planting style, formal or informal, your water place will become an oasis for tranquil hours. Even if it is simply a pool with natural water and no plants, it will still have a very different look and feel.

Sensational water

On a different note, the positive health and environmental effects are obvious but what actually causes clients to rave is the sensation of swimming in natural water. First, the water is soft; it doesn’t sting or smell strange. It is good for your skin, you can feel it. You relax, as swimming in natural water is a most basic and joyful experience that leaves you rejuvenated and feeling good.

Water in its natural state is life affirming on all levels. Water is the birthplace of life on Earth, it is the substance on which our every cell depends and it is no wonder that healthy water has a tremendously positive effect on us.

How do natural swimming pools work?

The family of natural swimming pools is complex and diverse and so are their workings.

The classical concept was that of two zones – a deep, central swimming area and a shallower surrounding area with plants which are specially chosen to purify the water.

Other concepts are based on separated swimming and purifying areas. This generally takes the form of two completely separate pools; one for swimming and the other with plants and/or the filtration system. This method has been used for many public pools in Europe. For some public pools the filtration system has been incorporated into the surrounding landscaping.

The latest concept makes it possible for pools to work without any plants, relying on powerful natural bio filters that can simply be installed inside or outside the pool and provide vividly clear natural water.

This makes it a perfect solution for pool conversions and for small spaces.

gartenART can offer a variety of designs and technology solutions appropriate to your taste and practical requirements; from a natural pool as a wildlife sanctuary to the formal classic pool with natural fresh water that works without plants – just on the micro-biological level.

Whichever system you choose, the water used to fill the pool needs to be analyzed as well as the water used to top up your pool to balance the loss through evaporation. Plants and/or filter systems will be implemented according to the findings of these tests.

Each pool has a specific water flow rate requirement and means of water circulation, influenced by the amount of planting and technology used.

The micro-biological filters used by gartenART are powered by a submerged low voltage pump which needs no separate housing or maintenance.

In addition a skimmer or skimmer pool powered by a small pump is used to collect surface leaves and debris.

Natural swimming pools have almost all the benefits of conventional pools, with many additional advantages: lower running costs, less water consumption, environmentally friendly, healthier, attractive all year round, safe and educational for children when combined with habitats, and are uniquely designed to suit your garden and your tastes.

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How do I Compare Pool Quotes?

The Pool Planner offers a unique service – WE COMPARE QUOTES RECEIVED FROM POOL BUILDERS.  There are plenty of online businesses to provide you with quotes – on the PRICE of building a pool – but we do the important work.  We COMPARE the quotes to help you understand the features, benefits, inclusions & exclusions of each one.  We provide the information in a format that makes it easy for you to confidently select the right Pool Builder for your Project.

The process of comparing quotes is one that finds most of us heading straight to the medicine cabinet for headache relief; none more so that when analysing pool quotes.

When you build a pool there is no “Money Back Guarantee” available.  It is highly unlikely that you will have any “Exchange Policies” under the Terms & Conditions of your Contract.  The only time you get to “swap” your item of purchase is when you sell and move house…………Analysing & understanding the content of the quotes is a somewhat critical part of the whole Pool Building Process.

Finding a reputable builder, with appropriate Licenses, Insurance & “Raving Fans” is an excellent starting point.  Contact SPASA today – they will help you with this process!

THE DESIGN/SALES PROCESS:  Let’s face it – in the majority of cases – the first person you will ever meet is a salesman (or perhaps a sales focussed designer).  Reputable Pool Builders will provide the exception to this rule.  It is important to establish “All Relevant Facts & The After Sales Communication Process” before signing the Contract because your sales man/designer will soon be off looking after the next sale/client………….

Contact The Pool Planner today on 1300-544-393 to find out how we can help you

We Plan To Save you Money.

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Energy Efficient Pumps for Swimming Pools

MEPS-Minimum Energy Performance Standards were created twenty years ago and are responsible for the development of the star rating system for technologies such as air conditioners, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, televisions and cars.  Swimming Pool Pumps have now been adopted into this standard.

The Star Rating Index (SRI) system provides consumers with the ability to compare similarly sized pumps and allow them to make informed decisions on what pump is suitable for their swimming pool requirements and how much it is going to cost to run.

The Viron P300 pool pump is the first pump in Australia to be approved by MEPS with an outstanding 8 star energy rating.

The Viron P300 pump utilises state of the art permanent magnet brushless 3 speed DC motor which has been developed to dramatically decrease your operating costs by selecting the speed appropriate to your application. Unlike conventional single speed motors, which work at maximum capacity at all time, the Viron P300 can operate at Eco, Cleaning or Turbo speeds to adapt to the task at hand reducing your electricity consumption and saving you money all year round.

With the Viron P300 installed you will have the advantage of reduced wear and tear on your filtration, allowing more efficient cleaning of your media filter. Lower flow and lower pressure during the filtration cycle extends the life of all pool equipment and reduces the lifetime operating costs of the swimming pool.

Contact The Pool Planner today, 1300-544-393, to find out how we can save you money on the Purchase Price of the P300.

To calculate how much the Viron P300 can save visit:


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The most economical way to maintain your pool is to:


Anything else is a false economy; When summer hits, you’ll have to spend even more time & money to repair the damage caused to your pool by ignoring it over winter……….

Here are a few suggestions to help you (& your pool) through the Winter:


  • Empty baskets, skimmer & pump lint pot
  • Backwash the Sand Filter – OR
  • Hose out the Cartridge Filter – OR
  • Take apart the D/E Filter & clean
  • Clean Chlorinator Cell if Required


  • Adjust alkalinity level to between 80 & 120 ppm.
    • To increase the alkalinity, add Sodium Bicarbonate to the pool (never more than 2 kilos per day)
    • The re-balancing of alkalinity (to lower levels) will be addressed when re-balancing the pH levels.
  • Adjust pH to between 7.2 & 7.6
    • To reduce the pH Level, add Pool Acid (no more than 500mls at a time)
    • To increase the pH Level, add Soda Ash


  • Shock Dose your pool with Chlorine with:
    • 500gms of Granular Chlorine for a 50,000 litre pool OR
    • 10 litres of Liquid Chlorine


  • Add a Long Life Algaecide, at the recommended dosage, for your specific Volume of Pool Water.


  • For at least 8 hours to thoroughly mix chemicals during the process of re-balancing.
  • Adjust filter  timer to operate between 3-4 hours per day, to maintain over the Winter.


  • If installing a Pool Cover, over Winter, wait until the Chlorine Level has reduced to between 2ppm & 3ppm.
  • Reduce the Chlorine Production Output (CPO on your Chlorinator).  The Pool Cover will maintain 90% of the Chlorine (produced by your Chlorinator) in the Pool, as opposed to loosing 70% of Chlorine in an uncovered Pool.
  • Check the Chlorine Level after one (1) week.  If the result is between 2 & 3ppm, you will only need to check levels every two (2) weeks thereafter.  If the Level is higher, you will need to reduce the Chlorine Production (via CPO), re-checking levels one (1) week later.
  • Check & adjust the pH Level every two (2) weeks.


  • The water level must sit half way up the skimmer box.


Or phone us on 1300 544 393 & we’ll take care of it all for you.




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Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo – Brisbane May 2011

Come & Meet The Pool Planner  – at Brisbane’s only Pool, Spa & Outdoor Living Expo We will be at Stand C41 – Looking forward to seeing you there!!! The Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo 2011 in Brisbane presents the most extensive range of new release swimming pools, spas, swimspas and hotub, plunge & lap pools for year round enjoyment. Together with an wide range of outdoor living products  including tiles, landscape design, BBQs, furniture, shade systems and outdoor products and accessories you can incorporate for your new project to create the ultimate outdoor experience. If you are planning a new installation or want to renovate or modernise your existing pool or spa you’ll find everything you need and the latest great deals all under one roof!

  • Swimming pools and lap pools to suit every budget & lifestyle
  • Spas, Swimspas & Hot tubs
  • Indoor pool design, spas & baths
  • Swim spas and hot plunge pools
  • Swiming pool and pool equipment suppliers
  • Pool & spa renovation services
  • Saunas and steam rooms
  • Automated pool & spa maintenance systems
  • Heating & cooling systems
  • Outdoor lighting & electrical control systems
  • Pergolas, pool enclosures and outdoor structures
  • Fencing, balustrades and retaining walls
  • Water features, fountains and ponds
  • Water supply, reticulation and conservation
  • Safety products & systems
  • Tile, stone & paver suppliers
  • Landscaping services
  • Landscapes, outdoor product & design

To compliment the great range of products on display you’ll also find expert industry advice and information with helpful free seminars. These will provide a “How To” approach with advice on how to save money, time and water & energy costs for the pool & spa owner or new buyer. Log onto:  for more details

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