How do I Compare Pool Quotes?

The Pool Planner offers a unique service – WE COMPARE QUOTES RECEIVED FROM POOL BUILDERS.  There are plenty of online businesses to provide you with quotes – on the PRICE of building a pool – but we do the important work.  We COMPARE the quotes to help you understand the features, benefits, inclusions & exclusions of each one.  We provide the information in a format that makes it easy for you to confidently select the right Pool Builder for your Project.

The process of comparing quotes is one that finds most of us heading straight to the medicine cabinet for headache relief; none more so that when analysing pool quotes.

When you build a pool there is no “Money Back Guarantee” available.  It is highly unlikely that you will have any “Exchange Policies” under the Terms & Conditions of your Contract.  The only time you get to “swap” your item of purchase is when you sell and move house…………Analysing & understanding the content of the quotes is a somewhat critical part of the whole Pool Building Process.

Finding a reputable builder, with appropriate Licenses, Insurance & “Raving Fans” is an excellent starting point.  Contact SPASA today – they will help you with this process!

THE DESIGN/SALES PROCESS:  Let’s face it – in the majority of cases – the first person you will ever meet is a salesman (or perhaps a sales focussed designer).  Reputable Pool Builders will provide the exception to this rule.  It is important to establish “All Relevant Facts & The After Sales Communication Process” before signing the Contract because your sales man/designer will soon be off looking after the next sale/client………….

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We Plan To Save you Money.

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