Sound Proofing Your Pump & Filtration Equipment

Listen to the Sound of Silence:

After looking at how you can “Crank up the Volume” this summer, it is probably worth considering the opposite end of the spectrum – How to dispel the sounds omitting from the all too noisy pool equipment…….

There is nothing quite like the idyllic, peaceful setting of your pool on a tropical balmy night  –  all except, that is, for the gentle drone of your pool filtration equipment or Pump as they kick into gear.

What is the solution?  We have found it for you.

Introducing Chris and Ros from Australian Pool Filter Covers –

They make timber boxes for pool pump and filters for swimming pool owners Australia wide including Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and NSW.

Clients of ours were AMAZED at the instant “relief” provided by their Acoustic Lined Equipment Cover.  Their backyard oasis had been restored to its idyllic peaceful best.

If that wasn’t enough, the covers can be tailor made to fit in with your specific requirements.  We know of one Filter Cover that was custom made and now has shelving units to hold the chemicals/equipment with enough room left to fit the kitchen sink…………

Chris and Ros also make a fantastic range of timber covers for Air Conditioner Units, Rubbish Bins, Hot Water Systems – just about anything else that you want covered outdoors.  They even extend their range to include Cubby Houses, Outdoor Furniture and Water Tank Pump Covers.

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